Testimonial from Mr A. Former member of the Royal Navy

I am thinking it is time I acknowledged the positive effect the Changing Step (North East) team have had on my life. To begin with. I am a Falklands Vet. About a year ago I was given an eviction order from my landlord, as he wanted to turn my one bed flat into a 3 bed flat by building a large extension. So the team sprang into action. Everything was done by e-mail and phone. Talking me through the steps they are taking and keeping my spirits up. Let me explain. I am registered severely disabled owing to PTSD. I am not known for my social skills and tend to rely on my dog for company. So last January the move up to the Durham area was implemented. The team were there to meet me at my new social housing bungalow. Again the team stepped up and accepted me into their world of assisting other vets. They helped me when I had to go to meetings in Newcastle, Durham and with officials coming to my house. Without that support these meetings would not have taken place. When I had to put the old dog down Dave came with me to choose another. Are they Saints on earth? No they are ex – forces personnel who have stepped up to the plate and taken on a job that the government will not or are not able to commit to. What is more, they do all of this on a voluntary basis.