Changing Step (North East) C.I.C. is a not for profit, Community Interest Company, Limited by Guarantee and aims to provide a transitional service to former members of HM Forces and their dependants. This will be achieved by offering advice, support and training to assist with reintegration back into the civilian community. We will also offer our services to members of the local community, which we believe will help to promote the reintegration of former service personnel and their families.

Why is there a need for our services?

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in the duty of care the UK owes its serving personnel and veterans, including the publication of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2011 which sets out the responsibilities of the Government and the Nation to those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces and to their families.

Prior to the introduction of the Armed Forces Covenant, studies were conducted and we have extrapolated findings from two sources: the NHS Confederation (2010) and Fear et al (2010). Based on a North East population of 2.5 million and using the estimated population range of veterans in the UK of between 3 and 5 million, it is reasonable to assume that between 1 person in 12 and 1 person in 20 of the North East population is a veteran. This equates to a population size of between 125,000 to 208,330 veterans in the North East. it has been estimated as being likely that around 27.2% of veterans would have a common mental health problem and 8% some degree of severe and enduring mental illness. Additionally, according to the Royal British Legion (2011), 6% of homeless households nationally are comprised of veterans which equates to 3900 people. As the North East is 1/24th of the national population, and all things being equal, we can expect an estimated 163 homeless veterans within the North East.

Based on the above information (dating back to 2010), and following high redundancies within the Military over the last 2 years, we feel that these figures will be much higher now, which also indicates a strong need for the services we are offering to assist ex-military in transitioning back into civilian life.

Due to Operational Issues and Covid Restrictions the ASDIC affiliated Drop In Centre has not been available. In the coming months a new location and Drop In Centre will be opened to provide help and support or just some friendly banter with a cuppa.

In the mean time if any assistance or advice is required please feel free to make contact on info@changingstepnortheast.org.uk