EMPLOYMENT A number of positions will be available within the Organisation. We will also work with Partner Organisations and Companies to assist with gaining full time Employment.

The Auto Portal was set up by Save Our Soldier, Vizion Network Ltd and AutoFlow Ltd.

Save Our Soldier was founded on the basis that human beings have the innate ability and capacity to overcome and recover from life’s more difficult challenges. We are committed to doing our part to assist former service men and woman and uniformed first responders in that endeavour – to help them move forward in their lives, to accomplish their renewed dreams and fulfil their future hopes.

Vizion cares for the individuals who work for their company, as they recognise that their success depends upon the strength and values of each of their staff.

Both organisations recognise that the transition from military back to civilian life is often a real challenge, and yet motivated people can adapt and make an exceptional contribution, so we naturally complement one another in our respective ways of moving willing individuals onward and forward.

If you formerly worked for the military or emergency services, you are aged 18-50+, are well disciplined in character and attitude, have an interest in the automotive and related industries and are looking to make a fresh start, we see the value the transferable skills uniformed personnel possess can lend well to this particular sector. The industry would like to hear from you.