Centre of Opportunities

Coming to a Town near you in 2021

This is a huge opportunity waiting to become a solution.
Letting the Community create it’s own solutions with a sense of dignity
Encompassing Family Values.
Bringing communities and The World together and To Embed a culture of Respect and Compassion far and wide.
The idea is to work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Charities, C.I.C.s, Community and Not For Profit Organisations  within Towns up and down the Country. Creating Training opportunities, Work Skills, Jobs, Economic and social Capitol and becoming Hubs of Growth with a plan of Sustainability.
The visibility of social enterprise is only going to increase as part of the fabric of a mature Forward Looking Economy.
To achieve a  pioneering sustainable Centre of Opportunities which is able to facilitate(All) Members of Community and allow them to Enjoy a quality of life that is full of optimism and create a sense of purpose and
achievement. The Centre of Opportunities can,  and will , leave a lasting Legacy for the next Generation.
In this New World we have had to  Learn new skills new words i.e. Social Distancing and even new Social Skills to survive this Global Pandemic so we have had to come together and support one another in  any way we can like never before. We need  to look out for each other now, and have each other’s Backs. We need to choose how we can do something for someone Less Fortunate and most importantly be a change in our world of Conflict and Adversity and bring people( ME, YOU, US ) together to bring about and create a fairer Society to achieve a sense of purpose and achievement and
to help deliver these outcomes.for Communities that have become more isolated and disengaged. Plus so many other Negative issues in fact the list of NEGATIVES are ENDLESS in our communities today.
They Need to Heal and Repair so a Menu of Toolkits and new ideas  are going to be  needed. One of those Tools will be The Centre Of Opportunities. Similar to one of those fantastic  Gadgets like a Swiss Army Knife  that does so many tasks in just one Tool.
The Centre Of Opportunities will be (ALL things to ALL PEOPLE)
To help ‘re Build Personal, and Social Skills , Gaining Confidence, Self Esteem, Skills and Attributes to help with Employment on so many different levels and so much more. It will become the Tool Box of Choice in your Town. To go a long way to compliment your life in so many different ways
The Centre of Opportunities will Deliver what it Says on The Tin with Bells on.
The Centre Of Opportunities will reach the parts of your Self Esteem and Self Worth.
This project does not fit with Traditional or Contemporary models for working with communities but what it is saying is that we need to Bring the Best of what we are,  to help and get the Best from who the People Really Are.
The Centre Of Opportunities can make this Happen.